Advanced Technology Concept Prototyping

Ablaze Development has access to superior facilities for advanced prototyping through to commercialization of a project. Ablaze's corporate office and prototyping lab is approximately 2000 square feet located in Villanova, PA. With our close relationship to Villanova University, Ablaze has access to approximately 10,000 square feet of high quality lab and work spaces. Also available is the extensive M5 Industries office and shop space in San Francisco, CA.

Blast Shield

The key technical objective of this project was the successful development of lightweight compact structures that can be applied to vehicles, either as add-on structures or as an integral part of the vehicle. After collecting team concepts from Ablaze personnel and the team at Mythbusters, including host Jamie Hyneman, 2 ft x 2 ft test panels were designed and fabricated. Fourteen of the 2ft x 2 ft panels were built and seven of the most unique panels were actually tested using live explosives.

Based on the results of the field tests, which themselves were very successful, computer simulations were able to not only replicate the field tests, but also vary parameters such as type of material, design configuration, and thickness of the materials to help examine potential refinements to the configurations. The end result was the development of an innovative new concept for blast resistance focused on protection of occupants of vehicles from roadside bombs, scalable to include the protection of personnel, buildings, aircraft, and vessels.

High-Tech Air Hockey

Called the “greatest innovation in table sports in 30 years”. Ablaze has designed and built the DMI Sports Goal Flex™ product line of electronic scoring air hockey tables. With Flex Goal™ optical scoring technology, a variety of challenging game variations are possible with air hockey – selectable goal sizes for handicapping, moving goals, doubles play, power plays, solo play and a wide variety of other innovative features.

Autoscoring Steel Tipped Dart Board

Ablaze personnel have developed an electronic scoring dart board for home use. The system uses a standard dart board and standard steel tipped darts. When a dart hits the board, the electronic system detects the precise location of the dart in the board and generates a score based on the game selection. The system is able to accurately detect the location of any individual dart within a group of darts.

Wireless Sensor Package

Ablaze developed a proof-of-concept wireless sensor package for use during Monday Night Football. The sensor package provided wind direction, velocity, temperature and humidity readings in real-time over a RF wireless network. Data readings collected would be feed to graphic overlays during a live broadcast.

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