Video and Broadcasting Platform Technologies


Ablaze personnel have designed and constructed a version of the Emmy Award winning Skycam® system. This system consists of a telerobotic video camera that “flies” through huge sections of 3-D space. Skycam® is a unique computer controlled system that allows a camera or other sensor to be positioned quickly and accurately anywhere within a large volume. The Skycam® has been used extensively in the sports and entertainment industry.


Ablaze personnel have designed and built the Wavecam™, an aerial, mobile robotic camera technology platform for the sports and entertainment markets.

Customized Video Capture System

Ablaze personnel have designed and built a Linux-based portable video capture system using open source frameworks and components. The initial release of the product was to support the generation of chroma-keyed (aka green screen) sports video segments where a fan becomes part of the experience. Using a standard video camera or webcam, the system produces a final video based upon a pre-produced storyboard in real-time. The final produced video can be burned to a DVD, streamed to a viewing station or uploaded to YouTube and tweeted to further enhance the social experience.

Steadicam® Steadijib

The Steadicam® is an Academy Award winning system used in TV and motion pictures to stabilize a camera while it is being carried by a person who is walking, running or riding. While the camera glides smoothly with the Steadicam®, it has a very limited vertical range. In a joint development effort with Florida based Lightfoot Pictures, Ablaze personnel developed a system to allow the stabilized camera to easily move from ground level to approximately 10 feet above the ground. In addition, the system allows the camera to reach into narrow spaces such as the window of a parked automobile. It is expected the system will soon be used in a number of film productions.

Seymour 360™

Under a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), Ablaze developed a radio controlled robotic platform called Seymour 360™ (@Cmore360), which captures video from a 360° spherical camera system and provides immersive video of real-world environments for Villanova University’s virtual reality CAVE.

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